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Kendra Kassebaum in the Original First National Tour

Wicked currently has two National Tours, crisscrossing over the United States and Canada to bring Wicked to nearly 9.5 million people. The National Tours have frequently been selling out entire engagements in fewer than seven hours.

First National TourEdit

Original Cast Edit

The First National Tour (Emerald City Tour) had its first preview on March 9, 2005 and it officially opened in March 21, 2005 at the Canon Theatre in Toronto, Canada. The original cast was as follows;

Elphaba - Stephanie J. Block (Temporarily Kristy Cates from March 9 until March 24.)

Glinda - Kendra Kassebaum

Fiyero - Derrick Williams

Madame Morrible - Carol Kane

The Wizard - David Garrison

Doctor Dillamond - Timothy Britten Parker

Boq - Logan Lipton

Nessarose - Jenna Leigh Green

Elphaba stephanie j block

Stephanie j. Block as Elphaba. Original First National Tour Elphaba

Current Cast Edit

During the tour's leg at the Pantages Theatre, LA, California, the production closed. The cast was as follows.

Elphaba - Jennifer DiNoia

Glinda - Chandra Lee Schwartz

Fiyero - Nick Adams

Madame Morrible - Kim Zimmer

The Wizard - Tim Karuzinsky

Doctor Dillamond - Tom Flynn

Boq - Etai BenShlomo

Nessarose - Jenny Florkowski

Elphaba S/B - Emmy Raver-Lampman

Second National TourEdit

Original Cast Edit

When the First National Tour proved to be successful, a second National tour kicked off with their first previews on March 7, 2009, and officially opened on March 12, 2009 at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers, Florida. The original cast was as follows;

Elphaba - Marcie Dodd

Glinda - Heléne Yorke

Fiyero - Colin Donnel

Madame Morrible - Marilyn Caskey

The Wizard - Tom McGowan

Doctor Dillamond - David DeVries

Boq- Ted Ely

Nessarose - Kristine Reese

Elphaba S/B - Carrie Manolakos

Current Cast Edit

Currently, the production is at the Peace Centre in Greenville, South Carolina. The principals are as follows;

Elphaba - Alyssa Fox

Glinda - Carrie St. Louis

Fiyero - Ashley Parker Angel

Madame Morrible - Kristine Zbornik

The Wizard - John Davidson

Doctor Dillamond - Michael DeVries

Boq - Lee Slobotkin

Nessarose - Liana Hunt

Elphaba S/B - Emily Koch


Alyssa Fox as Elphaba

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