Wicked Mexico


Danna Paola as Elphaba

It is the new Spanish language production of Wicked the Witches of Oz, based on the novel of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, that opened Mexico City on October 17, 2013. The show recently ended their run early on January 18 2015.

Spanish TranslationEdit

Marco Villafán


Original CastEdit


  • Alicia Paola Sánchez
  • Alma Escudero
  • Andrés Elvira
  • Bárbara Sepúlveda
  • Beto Díaz
  • Elvira Moreno
  • Emmanuel Gaitán
  • Ernesto Peart
  • Estíbalitz Ruiz
  • Jonathan Castillo

    Ana Cecilia Anzaldua as Elphaba.


    Majo Perez as Glinda.

  • Kim Yáñez
  • Liesl Lar
  • Lizeth Navarro
  • Maria Daniela
  • Mariano Villarello
  • Rodrigo De Urquidi
  • Sebastián Treviño
  • Viviana Barrera


  • César Luna
  • Edén Pintos
  • Fernanda Caballero
  • Luis Carlos Villareal
  • Marcia Peña
  • Raymundo Montoya

Guest Actors

  • Glinda - Crisanta Gomez
  • El Mago (The Wizard) - Hector Sandarti
  • Srta. Morrida (Madame Morrible) - Fernanda Tapia

Understudies Edit

  • Elphaba - Viviana Barrera/ Edén Pintos
  • Glinda - Liesl Lar
  • Fiyero - Rodrigo De Urquidi / Andres Elvira
  • El Mago (The Wizard) - Beto Torres / Beto Diaz
  • Nessarosa (Nessarose) - Estíbalitz Ruiz / Liesl Lar
  • Srta. Morrida (Madame Morrible) - Alicia Paola Sanchez/ Elvira Moreno
  • Boq - Sebastian Treviño/ Kim Yañez
  • Dr. Dillamond - Beto Diaz/ Luis Carlos Villarreal

Cast Replacement HistoryEdit

  • Paco Morales replaced Eugenio Montessoro, who was originally cast in the role, as The Wizard (El Mago).
  • Rodrigo de Urquidi replaced Israel Estrada as ensemble and Fiyero's understudy.
  • Ernesto Peart Falcon replaced Julius Brewster-Cotton as ensemble.
  • Maria Daniela replaced Charlene Arian as Melena. .


Act 1Edit

  1. Wicked mx danna one short day

    "One Short Day"


    Danna and Majo in ¿Que es lo que siento?

    Muere un ser malvado (An evil being dies)
  2. ¡Viva Shiz! (Long live Shiz!)
  3. El Mago y yo (The Wizard and I)
  4. ¿Qué es lo que siento? (What am I feeling?)
  5. Algo mal (Something Bad)
  6. Sal a bailar (Go out to dance)
  7. Popular
  8. No soy yo (It's not me)
  9. La Ciudad Esmeralda (The Emerald City)
  10. Un gran sentimental (A great sentimental man)
  11. En contra de la gravedad (Against gravity)

Act 2Edit

  1. Muere un ser malvado (Reprise) / ¡Qué bueno! (An evil being dies (Reprise) / How nice!)
  2. La Bruja Malvada del Este (The Wicked Witch of the East)
  3. Maravilloso (Wonderful)
  4. No soy yo (Reprise) [It's not me (Reprise)]
  5. Mientras viva en ti (As long as I'm living inside you)
  6. No hay bien (There's not goodness)
  7. Marcha de los Cazadores de Brujas (March of The Witch Hunters)
  8. Por ti (For you)
  9. Final (Finale)

    Danna, Ana, Cecilia, Crisanta and Majo.


  • This is the first time Wicked has been translated into Spanish. 
  • Danna Paola is the youngest actress to play Elphaba at 18 years old, she attend the audition at 17 years old.
  • Cecilia de la Cueva is the tallest acrtess to play Glinda, she has a height of 5' 11"
  • The mexican set of "Wicked" is the largest in the world.
  • Danna and Cecilia did the audition for both main characters, Elphaba and Glinda.
  • Majo use the costumes of Kendra Kassebaum.
  • Barbara Sepulveda is youngest memeber of the ensemble in the history of Wicked, at 18 years old.
  • Eden Pintos is the first swing to also be the understudy for Elphaba.


  • Spanish logo
  • Ana in rehearsal
  • Danna in rehearsal
  • Ceci in rehearsal

Videos Edit

Wicked No Hay Bien (interpretado por Danna Paola)03:36

Wicked No Hay Bien (interpretado por Danna Paola)

Wicked La Ciudad Esmeralda03:36

Wicked La Ciudad Esmeralda

Wicked Popular05:45

Wicked Popular

Danna Paola - No Good Deed No Hay Bien (Wicked)-003:33

Danna Paola - No Good Deed No Hay Bien (Wicked)-0

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