Trism bon Cavalish
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Son of a Witch (2005)

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Out of Oz (2011)

Trism bon Calavish is a character featured in Son of a Witch and Out of Oz. He was formerly a soldier and former lover of Liir Thropp. He specialized in training and taking care of dragons, which became instrumental on both sides of the civil war taking place between the Emerald City and Munchkinland.

In the NovelsEdit

Trism was born to a Gillikinese farming family, and he attended St. Prowd's school before joining the Emerald City Army.

Son of a WitchEdit

Trism is introduced as a young soldier in the Emerald City's Home Guard where he met a young Liir. Many years later, he is in charge of the training the dragons for the Emperor's army. He has come to despise the cause and he helps Liir burn the dragon stables to the ground, killing the dragons. After this, they both become fugitives. He and Liir flee the city together and become lovers, and they make their way to the Cloister of St. Glinda. Trism escapes the convent under the guise of being Lady Glinda's manservant, then he makes his way to Apple Press Farm to find a pregnant Candle. Trism, betrayed at the fact that Liir had a wife and child, leaves Apple Press Farm before Liir arrives. He is apprehended and tortured by General Cherrystone's forces, who flay him alive in order to gain information on the whereabouts of Liir and the Grimmerie. Fleeing loyal Oz, Trism escapes to Munchkinland.

Out of OzEdit

Years later, Trism is working for La Mombey, once again training dragons, however this time, he is training them to attack the Emerald City and the Emperor. When Liir is captured by La Mombey, Trism goes to see him. Trism explains how he searched for Liir, and shows Liir the extensive scars from his previous torture. The two admit that they still love each other, and Trism begs Liir to help him decipher the Grimmerie, help train the dragons, and help La Mombey strike out against the Emerald City. When Liir refuses to help La Mombey, Trism leaves with her, telling Liir "Mercy on your soul," to which Liir replies "Mercy on your's." The dragon attack is then carried out with precision on the EC. As it turns out, Trism did not need the extra help of the Grimmerie; his experience with dragons proved to be great enough.