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Tiffany Haas

Tiffany Haas

Tiffany Haas as Nessarose

Tiffany Haas as Nessarose

Tiffany Haas made her Broadway debut on Wicked as the Nessarose understudy in 2005. She currently is the Glinda standby on Broadway. Tiffany's co-star who is memorable was Lindsay Mendez who played as Elphaba. Recently, Tiffany ended her run as a Glinda Standby with the Gershwin Theater and Broadway production of Wicked on February 1, 2015.

While studying opera and musical theater, she won Miss Ohio in 2002 and competed in the Miss America Pageant.

Tiffany haas miss ohio

Tiffany Haas Miss Ohio 2002

Haas Thank Goodness
Anne and Tiffany

Tiffany and Anne Brummel on the 2nd National Tour


Fly Girl Backstage at 16:19

Fly Girl Backstage at "Wicked" with Lindsay Mendez, Episode 5 Citizens of Oz & NessaProblems-0

Fly Girl Backstage at 08:18

Fly Girl Backstage at "Wicked" with Lindsay Mendez, Episode 7 Bryant Park Fun-0

Popular Tiffany Haas-106:33

Popular Tiffany Haas-1

Broadway in Bryant Park Popular-102:54

Broadway in Bryant Park Popular-1

MIKA 03:22

MIKA "Popular Song" Cast Lip Dub WICKED the Musical-1

Think Pink Backstage at 14:31

Think Pink Backstage at "Wicked" with Kara Lindsay, Episode 3 Life's a Picnic

Tiffany Haas made her final appearance in this blog before leaving the company.


  • Tiffany Haas was a standby for Glinda at the Gershwin Theater when Katie Rose Clarke was Glinda. She continues to be the Glinda standby and temporarily played her in November/December 2014 when Jenni Barber left the show and was not replaced.
  • Tiffany stated in episode 5 of Fly Girl that one of her favorite moments while being a standby as Glinda was that she enjoyed wearing the crown and doing ordinary stuff like opening up her powder in her dressing room.

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