Nessarose Thropp, the last Eminent Thropp

The Eminent Thropp is a position in Munchkinland which is held by the head of the Thropp Family. The Eminent Thropp is the highest ranking eminence in Munchkinland, and this prominence was later used to claim control of all of Munchkinland. The Thropps' seat of power was their estate at Colwen Grounds, and they personally ruled the province of Nest Hardings. The title was apparently passed matrileanally, that is, it passes from female to female and only goes to males if there are no female heirs to inherit. The heir to the Eminent Thropp is known as the Thropp Descending, and subsequent heirs are known as 2nd Descending, 3rd Descending, etc. The Eminence reached its highest prominence under Nessarose Thropp, who used her power as Eminent Thropp to secede Munchkinland from all of Oz, and then became the Eminence of the entire country. Following her death, it was claimed that the title was extinct, however, this claim came from Nipp, one of Nessarose's ministers, and whether or not it can be considered valid is a matter of question. The title of Eminent Thropp was later claimed by Nessarose's younger brother, Shell Thropp, but his claim remains unrecognized.

Known Eminent ThroppsEdit

Peerless Thropp- Eminent Thropp for many years and survived both his children and grandchildren. He was Eminent at the beginning of Wicked until he was succeded by his great-granddaughter.

Nessarose Thropp- Daughter of Melena Thropp, successor of her great-grandfather. She succeded Munchkinland from Loyal Oz and was the last official Eminent Thropp.

Sheltergod Thropp- Son of Melena Thropp, and a claimant to the title of Eminent Thropp.

Heirs to Peerless, the Eminent ThroppEdit

Name Title Claim Status
Lady Partra Thropp Thropp Descending of Nest Hardings Only daughter of Peerless Thropp Died before becoming Eminence
Melena Thropp Thropp 2nd Descending of Nest Hardings Only surviving granddaughter of Peerless Thropp Died before becoming Eminence
Elphaba Thropp Thropp 3rd Descending of Nest Hardings Eldest daughter of Melena Thropp Went into hiding and abdicated her position
Nessarose Thropp Unknown Assumed to be the only surviving daughter of Melena Thropp Succeeded her great-grandfather
Sheltergod Thropp Unknown Only surviving sibling of Nesarose Thropp Claimed the eminence but his claims were unrecognized by the Munchkinlanders. Techinically superceded by his nephew
Liir Thropp Untitled Only child of Elphaba Thropp, and thus outranks his uncle, Shell, by proximity of blood Never claimed the title
Oziandra Thropp Untitled As the only female Thropp, she outranks her father, Liir, and great-uncle for the title Never claimed the title, left Oz