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The Emerald City (City of Emeralds in the 1900 Book) is a fictional element invented by L. Frank Baum, author and creator of the Oz legacy. The Emerald City can only be found in the magical land of Oz, and at the very end of the Oz's famous Yellow Brick Road. The city is also said to be located in the exact center of the land, being Oz's offical imperial capital.

The Emerald City was first introduced over one hundred years ago in circa 1900. The city appears in Baum's first Oz book titled 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. When a little orphan girl named Dorothy Gale is swept away to the land of Oz via Kansas cyclone with her pet dog named Toto, Dorothy is determined to find a way back home again. Thus, embarking along the yellow brick road to seek out the wonderful Wizard of Oz who rules over the land and lived in it's all green city which was built in his honor.

The Emerald City Of WickedEdit

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In Wicked, the city is a much darker place compared to the original city in the book or the 1939 MGM film. Like Baum's Emerald City, it does have many prosperous citizens. The city also is filled with splendid gardens, beautiful streets set with glistening emeralds and vast Royal Palaces of polished green marble, and luxurious apartments. But also streets filled with crime such as prostitution, drug-dealers and drug addicts, street rats and even sections of Assians who are involved in top secret conspiracies.

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In Wicked...

Elphaba Thropp travels to the city before becoming an Animals rights activist and secret Assassin who is against the Wizard's laws. Elphaba and Prince Fiyero are reunited again in the city after college at Shiz and start a hidden love affair. The affair also is the reason for Fiyero's tragic murder.

In Son Of A Witch...

Elphaba's teenaged son named Liir accompanied Dorothy Gale and her companions to see the Wizard after Elphaba died by water. He also went to see Glinda who resides in a beautiful apartment in the upper class section of the city. Liir eventually enrolls in the Emerald City's army there and ventures into Southstairs which is an underground prison under the city.

In A Lion Amoung Men...

Brrr, the Cowardly Lion, lived in the Emerald City temporarily before abandoning high society and living in the forest and jungles of Oz.

In Out Of Oz...

The Wizard has been long gone now and Elphaba and Nessarose's younger brother named Shell becomes Emporer of the city.

The Broadway Musical...

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In the musical, visitors and inhabitants of the Emerald City are required to wear the Emerald Glasses to protect them from being blinded by looking into the brilliant lights and sparkling emeralds of the city.

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In the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this is a part of The Wizard's con to make people believe that the city is green when it is not. In the musical, like in the 1939 film and, to a degree, the book, the city is obviously green and the glasses are quite superfluous. 

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