The Cloister of St. Glinda is a Unionist mauntery located on the border of the Emerald City, Gillikin and Munchkinland, near Lady Glinda's Mockbeggar Hall.

In addition to serving as a recluse for maunts, it also takes in travelers providing them with a place to rest on their journey. The cloister is under the patronage of Lady Glinda.

Permanent ResidentsEdit

Elphaba Thropp for over seven years in Wicked.

The Maunts, including:

Notable guestsEdit

Lady Glinda in Son of a Witch and A Lion Among Men.

Brrr, the Cowardly Lion

Liir, who was born there in Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and returned in Son of a Witch for medical treatment.

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