Shell Thropp
Biographical information



Quadling Country, (Munchkinlander blood)


Melena (mother)
Frex (father)
Elphaba (half-sister)
Nessarose (sister)
Liir (nephew)
Rain (grand niece)


No wife or lover; slept meaninglessly with political prisoners in Southstairs Prison


Emperor Apostle of Oz
Eminent Thropp of Munchkinland (claimant)


Emperor of Oz



Behind the scenes
First appearance

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995)

Last appearance

Out of Oz (2011)

Shell Thropp is the younger brother of the witches Elphaba and Nessarose, who later becomes the Emperor Apostle of Oz after the deposition of the Scarecrow.

In the BooksEdit


Shell is seen at the end of the novel comforting his father. He explains that he is her and Nessarose's younger brother, and he was named after the lover of both their parents, Turtle Heart. It is implied that he most likely would have been Melena's favorite child simply because he was a boy.

Son of a WitchEdit

Shell is seen for the first time when Liir wants to enter Southstairs, the high security prison in the Emerald City. Shell apparently makes trips into Southstairs regularly, sleeping with female political prisoners to get information out of them. He helps Liir reach Chyde the Under-mayor, then leaves. When Liir and Trism are out at a bar before Liir is set to leave for Quadling Country, they encounter Shell outside the bar.

When Liir reaches Kiamo Ko, Nanny tells him more about Shell. She says that he was always a troublemaker in his youth, like "tomorrow's stitches in yesterday's britches", and that he was a brilliant liar. Later on, Liir learns that Shell has become the "Emperor Apostle of Oz" and is now claiming to have had an epiphany that turned him into a strong Unionist. In his campaigns he claims to be extremely righteous and pious, but his tactics in battle are merciless, such as using dragons.

A Lion Among MenEdit

He is not seen, but it is revealed that he claims he has the right to re-annex Munchkinland because he would be the Eminent Thropp after the deaths of his older sisters. However, the Eminence would really fall to Liir's daughter, of whose existence he is unaware. He is also fervently searching for the Grimmerie to use its powers to aid him in his conquests. It is said that he has a single page in his possesion, the page which Elphaba gave to the Wizard back in Wicked.

Out of OzEdit

Shell continues to look for the Grimmerie and has built up more dragons. His search for the Grimmerie, along with Liir to read it, is shared by Munchkinland's new leader La Mombey. He declares himself Divine - the Unnamed God in the flesh. Upon the discovery of Tip being Ozma Tipperatius, Shell willingly gives up power to Brrr as Throne Minister and disappears, his ultimate fate left open to the reader.

In the MusicalEdit

Shell's character was omitted from the musical adaptation of Wicked, as Melena died giving birth to Nessarose.

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