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Sean McCourt originated the role of the Witch's Father, and the Ozian Official in the Out-of-Town San Francisco Tryouts.


When the Out-of-Town San Francisco tryouts opened on June 10, 2003, McCourt played the Witch's Father and the Ozian Offical, understudied the Wizard and Doctor Dillamond , and was part of the ensemble. He closed the tryouts on June 29, 2003 and was part of the Original Broadway Cast.

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When the Broadway production opened on October 30, 2003, McCourt resumed his role as the Witch's Father and the Ozian Official, understudied the Wizard and Doctor Dillamond , and an ensemble member. He became Doctor Dillamond on July 26, 2005 replacing William Youmans. He was replaced by Steven Skybell on August 8, 2006.


McCourt can be heard singing the Witch's Father part during No One Mourns The Wicked in the original cast album.

He is also one of the founders of the group, "Behind the Emerald Curtain."

Attraction to music runs in his family. His family also owns the company, McCourt Music.

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