Roberta Valentini is an Italian-German musical actress.

Wicked Edit

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Valentini was a part of the original Stuttgart cast, as an ensemble member and understudy for Elphaba. She was replaced by Melanie Gebhard. In late 2008, she replaced Sabrina Weckerlin as the alternate. In early 2010, she replaced Willemijn Verkaik as lead Elphaba and continued until the Stuttgart production closed 3 weeks later. The production transferred to Oberhausen, where Valentini played Elphaba in the 3 days of previews, due to Willemijn Verkaik being involved with other projects. Verkaik opened the production on March 8th. Valentini then replaced Verkaik as lead, almost exactly a year later, and once again, closed the production 9 months later.

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