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Quadling Country is the southern quadrant of the land of Oz. In L. Frank Baum's Oz, the residents of Quadling Country wear mostly the color red, which is also the color of the area itself. Some parts of Quadling Country are wealthy and grand, and other areas are dangerous and prohibited. In Gregory Maguire's Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Quadling Country is described as a largely undeveloped, swampy region.

Qhoyre is the capital city of Quadling Country. The other major city is Ovvels. Despite the marshy geography, there is one dry red brick road that connects the two cities.

The Quadlings speek the Qua'ati language and have a dark, ruddy complexion. They are typically thought of as inferior by the other races of Oz. The Quadlings faced oppression by the ruling forces of Oz, starting with the Wizard who built the Yellow Brick Road into Oz to allow for the collection of taxes in Quadling Country. In the original book by Frank L. Baum, Glinda rules over the Quadlings as Glinda the Good. In Wicked, Glinda rules over the north.

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