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Phan Hall, Munchkinland


Chatelaine of the Atelier


Glinda's Friends

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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995)

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Out of Oz (2011)

Pfannee of Phan Hall (name pronounced, [fan - ey]) was one of Glinda's friends back when she known as Galinda. She is a Munchkinlander like Elphaba, but is described as diminutive, suggesting her family is nouveau riche, as noble Munchkinlanders are said to be tall.

She doesn't believe Elphaba to be the Thropp 3rd Descending due to her green skin. She plays a trick on Elphaba by inviting her in Galinda's name to her summer home in Caprice-In-The-Pines. She is close friends with Shenshen and Milla.

In "Out of Oz" , she is briefly seen as a chatelaine of the atelier where Dorothy is to be sent back to her own world. She is shocked upon seeing Rain, who now resembles Elphaba. She is an ancillary character in both the novels and the musical.