Ozma Tippetarius
Biographical information
Also Known As



Female (male as Tip)


Emerald City


Ozma the Bilious (mother)
Pastorius (father)


Rain (as Tip)


Princess of Oz


Monarch of Oz


Emerald City
St. Prowds

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Son of a Witch (2005)

Last appearance

Out of Oz (2011)

Ozma Tippetarius is the princess and rightful ruler of the land of Oz. She is also known as Tip due to being turned into a boy so she could stay hidden from those who would harm her.

In the NovelsEdit


The lore surrounding the Ozma monarchy is discussed sporadically. A series of Ozmas previously ruled Oz for centuries and each defined with a title before the Wizard invaded the land and overthrew the monarchy in a coup d'état and ruled Oz under a strict regime.

The reign of Ozma is a Lurlinist tradition in believing that each Ozma is the fairy queen Lurline reincarnated. In being born from coming of age, Oz is ruled by the Ozma Regent which is usually the previous Ozma's husband.

Legends over Ozma Tippetarius' whereabouts included being hidden and frozen in ice in a cave, but obviously in later books, its revealed that she was magically turned into a male. Elphaba Thropp makes several remarks about Ozma in not believing in a "child savior".

Son of a WitchEdit

Ozma Tippetarius in the form of Tip first encounters Liir while traveling with an unnamed woman (La Mombey) who jokingly offers him in exchange for Elphaba's broom, but Liir declines.

Out of OzEdit

Tip meets Rain at St. Prouds in the abandoned boys dormitory where Rain is sent. Rain falls in love with Tip, but he is apprehended along with Liir by Momey who is the new leader of the Munckinland Revolt. A plot device similar to The Marvelous Land of Oz occurs and Tip is turned back into Ozma and she is reinstated as the rightful ruler of Oz.

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