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The Land of Oz is a fantasy nation containing four quadrants under the rule of one monarch, most recently Ozma Tippetarius, and previously Shell the Emperor Apostle, and the Wizard. It is the setting of the Wicked Years novel series. Oz is full of real world difficulties such as, economic turmoil, political conflict, deceit, and violence.


Oz consists of four regions, one in each of the cardinal directions. In addition to the four regions, the Emerald City lies in the center and is the social, political, military, and economic capital of the nation. Additionally, Oz is surrounded by many other countries, separated by a large desert which isolates the country.


An early variation on the land of Oz, where Munchkinland and the Vinkus are flipped.

  • Gillikin: lies to the north and is inhabited by the Gillikinese. The region also contains the City of Shiz where Shiz University is located. This is the most developed region of Oz and holds the most affluent populace and economic power.
  • Munchkinland: lies to the east and is inhabited by the Munchklanders who are not always short. The Thropp family is from Munchkinland and they hold the title of Eminent Thropp which gives them dominion over a majority of Munchkinland. The economy of Munchkinland is mostly agrarian and is known as the "breadbasket" of Oz.
  • Quadling Country: lies to the south and is inhabited by the Quadlings. This region is filled with swamps and very hostile territory to those who are not the native Quadlings. Many deposits of rubies lie underwater in Quadling county which has made it victim to exploitation by prospectors from other parts of Oz and has devastated the indigenous population.
  • The Vinkus: also known as the "Winkie Country", lies in the west and is home to the nomadic and tribal Winkies. The Arjiki tribe of which Fiyero is prince and later chieftain is a prominent tribe in the region. The geography of the Vinkus consists largely of large plains and mountainous regions.
  • The Emerald City: is the political center and imperial capital of Oz. It is home to the Wizard and is almost completely green in color.
  • Other Regions in Oz:
    • The Glikkus: a region to the northeast of Oz which is inhabited by the Glikkuns, trolls who mine the earth for emeralds to be shipped off to the Emerald City.
    • Ugabu: disputed lands to the northwest of Oz.


Oz is ruled by the tyrannical Wizard of Oz from The Emerald CIty although Oz is truly a monarchy but it is missing its ruler who was deposed by the Wizard. The rightful ruler of Oz is Princess Ozma.

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