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Michelle London was part of the original cast of the Second National Tour and part of the closing cast for the Chicago production.


Michelle London was an ensemble member and an understudy for both Glinda and Nessarose when the Second National Tour opened in March 12, 2009. She temporarily replaced Kristine Resse on March 10, 2010 as Nessarose, then Resse returned to the role on October 13, 2010. Laura Pugliese temporarily replaced London as the first understudy as Nessarose as she assumed the role full time, then she returned as the first understudy on May 11, 2010. On August 3, 2010, Rachel Potter replaced London as the first understudy for Glinda and Lesley McKinnell as the first understudy for Nessarose.

London joined the First National Tour and replaced Brynn O'Malley as Nessarose on August 17, 2010. She was replaced by Stefanie Brown on October 5, 2010.

Then, London joined the Chicago cast as an ensemble member and an understudy for Glinda. She closed the production on January 25, 2009.

London then returned to the Second National Tour and replaced Kristine Reese to assume the role of Nessarose full-time on October 13, 2010. She left the company when Emily Ferranti became Nessarose on September 25, 2011.
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