Melena Thropp
Biographical information
Also Known As

The Rose of Nest Hardings




Nessarose Thropp (Daughter)
Elphaba Thropp (Daughter)
Shell Thropp (Son)
Lady Parta Thropp (Mother)
Romen Skarr (Father)
Frexspar Thropp (Husband)
Sopheila Thropp (Sister)
Peerless Thropp (Grandfather)


Frexspar Thropp (Husband)
The Wizard (Lover)
Turtle Heart (Lover)


The Thropp Second Decending of Nest Hardings


Emminence Thropp

Behind the scenes

Cristy Candler

But I remember once when a tinker with a funny accent gave me a draft of some heady brew from a green glass bottle. And I had rare expansive dreams, Nanny, of the Other World – cities of glass and smoke – noise and color – I tried to remember.

—Melena to Nanny regarding drinking the Miracle Elixer from a stranger (the Wizard), Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Natalie Daradich as Melena (LA Cast)

Melena Thropp is a character from both the novel and musical. She is the wife of Frexspar and mother of Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell.


In the BooksEdit

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The birth of Elphaba.

In the book series, she is the daughter of Lady Partra Thropp and Romen Skarr, as well as the granddaughter of the Eminent Thropp, and the Thropp 2nd Descending and heiress of the Thropp Family. She married Frexspar the Godly to escape her life at Colwen Grounds, though she came to hate her life as a commoner. She was very flirtatious and is implied to have had an active sex life as a teenager. She also had affairs with the future Wizard of Oz, producing Elphaba, and the Quadling glassblower, Turtle Heart. When Elphaba was born, Melena was repulsed by Elphaba's green skin and sharp teeth, but grew to love her. While pregnant with Nessarose, Melena and her family were forced to flee to Colwen Grounds, and Turtle Heart was sacrificed to the Clock of the Dragon. The guilt of this led Melena and Frex to become missionaries to Quadling Country, where she would die giving birth to her third child and son: Shell Thropp.

In the MusicalEdit


Melena and Frex

She is seen in the musical for a short time when she has an affair with a traveling salesan who leads to the birth of her daughter, Elphaba. She isn't seen after that, but Elphaba mentions that she died after giving birth to the crippled Nessarose because of eating milk flowers, which were drugs that Frexspar forced her to take so that Nessarose wouldn't turn out green too. This caused Nessarose to be born premature, and for her to die in childbirth.

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