IMG 3275

Brescia (left) with Julia Murney (right).

Lisa Brescia became the standby for Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked on February 13, 2007, playing the role during the absence of Julia Murney and later Stephanie J. Block . She left the production on May 18, 2008 and transferred to the Chicago production from June 3, 2008, replacing Dee Roscioli in the lead role of Elphaba. She left Chicago on August 24, 2008, when Roscioli returned to the role.
Lisa brescia and annaleigh ashford

Lisa Brescia (Elphaba) and Annaleigh Ashford (Galinda)

Lisa brescia and kristoffer cusick

Lisa Brescia (Elphaba) and Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero)

Elphaba lisa brescia

Lisa Brescia as Elphaba

IMG 3278

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