Irji Tigelaar is a book exclusive character, and is the oldest son of Fiyero and Sarima.


As the eldest child of Fiyero, he is techanically first in line to be the next Prince of The Arjikis of The Vinkus. However, he is soft and cries a lot, and is bullied by his younger brother Manek, whom his aunts would prefer as Fiyero's successor. He and Nor were close in order to be safe from Manek's bullying, but following Manek's death, he breaks it off and matures slightly, even attempting to become religious. He is taken away by Commander Cherrystone's forces who work for the Wizard, and is killed in a public affair regarding the Paraffin Necklace. The Wizard says this to Elphaba in Wicked, the Book "Oh now, he couldn't have lived, a direct descendant of Fiyero and future leader of the Arijikis." He lived for most of his life in Kiamo Ko with his mother, siblings, aunts, father Fiyero before his death, Liir, and Elphaba.

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