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Popular, You're Gonna be Popular...!

Kristin Glinda
Glinda Upland
Biographical information


Hair color

Strawberry Blonde


Frottica, Upper Uplands in northwest Gillikin


Larena Upland (mother)
Highmuster Arduenna (father)
Sir Chuffery (Husband)


Fiyero (Her ex; in the musical)
Sir Chuffrey (in the book; now widowed)
Elphaba Thropp (Best Friend)


Glinda "The Good", The Good Witch of the North


Public speaker
Thronemistress of Oz (formerly)
Ruler of Gilikin Country


The Arduennas

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995)

Last appearance

Son of a Witch (2005)


(originally) Kristin Chenoweth

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Galinda Upland of OzEdit

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Galinda Upland (referred to as Galinda of the Arduennas of Upland in the first book) is the name of the woman who becomes a Good Witch on the magical land of Oz. She is known by her title of position as 'Glinda The Good Witch of the North' or simply 'Glinda The Good', for short. She is a main character in the 1995 novel titled 'Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West' by author Gregory Maguire and the Broadway adaptation of the same name. Through her mother, she is descended from the noble clan of the Arduennas of the Uplands of Gilliken. Galinda is an only child characterized by her popularity and ambition for success and positive nature. She is known as being slightly ditzy and a very bubbly, energetic and a perky girl, being a complete social butterfly. She has the classic "Dumb Blonde" personality with a modern, less offensive twist.

Her character is seen extensively in the first half of the novel, but disappears for most of the second half, compared to her musical counterpart. Though originally snobbish and superficial, she is also intelligent enough to be accepted to Shiz University's Crage Hall, where she is forced to share a room with another student by the name of Elphaba Thropp, who has green tinted skin like a reptile. Galinda does not appear to give Elphaba the time of day and clearly is uncomfortable to be around her new roommate who is the complete oppisite of her as Galinda is a girly girl and fashionista and the green girl is a tomboy and bookworm. So Galinda goes out of her way and does her very best to avoid being seen with Elphaba, and never interacts with her fearing that people will think less of her, such as the wealthy and high class clique of colleagues she hangs out with. This goes on all up until one random night when she is very bored, thus letting her curiosity get the better of her. After she reaches out to Elphaba, the green girl starts acting friendly back, which embarrasses Galinda to no end. However, they begin to grow closer, seeing past each others differences and by the time of Doctor Dillamond's death, they are basically best friends. The girls however grow apart when they make a trip to the Emerald City to meet Oz. Elphaba ultimately chooses to drop out to stay and live in the city and join it's underground world and Galinda decides to go back and finish school like the good girl she is.

Normal 05a
Eventually, Galinda drops the first 'a' in her name in tribute to Doctor Dillamond, a martyred Goat who teaches at Shiz (Dillamond made the habitual mistake of calling her "Glinda" instead of "Galinda" while they shared a carriage, before her arrival to the University). The Goat's death also prompts Glinda to re-evaluate her life, and she dedicates herself to studying sorcery, at which she proves to be quite skilled. It is stated that she marries Sir Chuffrey in the second half of the novel and they have no children. Sarima reveals that she thinks that Fiyero was having a love affair with Glinda, but when Elphaba asks Glinda, she says that she never had any romantic feelings for Fiyero. Towards the end of the book, she attempts to dissuade Elpahaba from pursuing the Kansas farm girl who crash landed in Oz via cyclone named Dorothy Gale who wore the enchanted Glassblown Slippers that belonged to a then dead Nessarose who was crushed under Dorothy's falling farmhouse, but failed. As in the original Oz books, she is revered as a powerful sorceress, but she claims that her talents are nowhere near as great as the public believes. Maguire follows the 1939 movie in having Glinda ultimately become the Witch of the North who rules over the Gillikus, not of the South who ruled in the Quadling Country of Oz like in the 1900 book. Glinda will later regret giving Dorothy Gale the Slippers later on in the sequels as she claimed she was just trying to help Dorothy who would have been killed on her way to see the Wizard if it was not for the shoes protection.

In Son of a WitchEdit

Lady Glinda tragically is widowed from her husband, Sir Chuffrey, and is chosen by the provisional government to be Throne Minister. Her job, according to the Scarecrow, is to "clean up" the affairs left by the Wizard and it is implied that after this is complete, she would be expected to resign in favor of a new Minister. When Liir comes to visit her, to request her help in finding Nor, she does not believe him and has a breakdown in front of him, even smashing a glass china doll on a nearby nic-nac table, speaking about the treachery of her position and the people around her, and throwing Elphaba's broom into the fireplace in a fury. Upon seeing that despite the fire, the broom itself will not burn and disintegrate, thus being magic. Glinda realizes he must be a confidant of Elphaba's and directs him to Commander Cherrystone and Shell, who can led him into Southstairs.

She reappears later in the book to make a bequest to the Cloister of St. Glinda

In Out Of OzEdit

By the time of Out of Oz Glinda is living at her estate of Mockbegger Hall. Years before, she had taken in Rain, the daughter of Liir, in order to protect her identity. Her household is on the Lake Restwater. This puts her on the forefront of the Oz-Munchkinland war as the lake's water is a chief resource both sides are fighting for. Because of this, her home is commandeered by Commander Cherrystone and most of her staff is dismissed. When the crew of the Clock of the Time Dragon came into town, she authorized a performance of the Clock. However, the prophetic performance upset Cherrystone and his men. The crew gifts her the Grimmerie, which she is able to conceal with a spell within it. However, the performance of the Clock causes greater restrictions in her household. When Cherrystone launches his invasion of Munchkinland using the dragon-pulled boats, Glinda and Rain cast "To Call Winter Upon the Water", which freezes the lake, trapping the boats and dragons. She then smuggles Rain out, giving her over to Brrr for protection. 

Anyways, Glinda finally reappears towards the end of the book where she has a brief conversation with Rain, where she explains she is being sent to Southstairs for her actions at Mockbegger Hall, though Brrr later explains that she'll be freed as soon as it is advisable to do so, and indeed, she is freed as the book closes. Her ultimate fate, like most of the characters, is left open to the imagination of the reader.

In the Musical Edit


Kendra Kassebaum playing Glinda

In the novel's Broadway musical adaptation Wicked, Glinda is one of the two female leads as the musical focuses on her friendship with Elphaba (the young woman who becomes the infamous Wicked Witch of the West). In the novel, her role was minor, as she only appears a couple of times out of the Shiz setting, but in the musical her role was expanded. As in the novel, Glinda is characterized by her popularity and ambition and goes by the name of Galinda Upland (who hails from the Upper Uplands). Glinda is a very bubbly and popular girl. Unlike in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz she has blonde hair instead of red hair and a blue dress instead of a light pink dress. She and Elphaba cross paths while attending Shiz University, and while the two girls dislike each other at first, they eventually become best friends. Galinda enrolls in Madame Morrible's sorcery tutorial, but is precluded from entering when Morrible decides to tutor Elphaba privately. Later, however, Elphaba convinces Madame Morrible to admit Galinda to the sessions. Glinda is rather irritated by Doctor Dillamond's constant mispronunciation of her name (he has difficulty pronouncing the first 'a', and so calls her "Glinda", to which she often responds "It's Galinda. With a 'Ga'"). It is therefore somewhat ironic that she, herself, constantly makes the mistake of addressing Boq, a Munchkin boy who is infatuated with her, as "Bick". As in the novel, Galinda later shortens her name to Glinda (telling the Wizard of Oz that "the 'Ga' is silent" when she introduces herself to him). She does this to mark the firing of Dr. Dillamond, but also in an attempt to impress Fiyero, her love interest.

Glinda in the Helsinki Production.

When Elphaba decides to rebel against the Wizard, she offers Glinda the chance to go with her, but Glinda decides to stay behind and realize her opportunities with the Wizard, ultimately sealing her destiny to become "Glinda the Good." She shares a relationship with Fiyero , but is oblivious to his increasingly strong romantic feelings toward the now vilified Elphaba. When the two eventually run off together, Glinda is left heartbroken and enraged, but later realizes that Fiyero really does love Elphaba. She is present when the Wizard sends witch-hunters to kill Elphaba, and, unable to stand by while her friend is killed, she goes to Kiamo Ko to warn her of the impending danger. Before being supposedly melted by Dorothy, Elphaba makes Glinda promise not to clear her name, and gives her the Grimmerie, a legendary spell book. Glinda tells her that of all the friends she has had, Elphaba is the only one who really mattered, and the two Witches acknowledge that each has been changed by their friendship. Glinda then confronts the Wizard with the revelation that Elphaba was in fact his own daughter, and forces him to leave Oz, before having Madame Morrible arrested, thus exacting long-overdue justice for Elphaba. She announces to the citizens of Oz that she will try to help them recover in the aftermath of the past few years, and that she wishes to truly earn the title of 'Glinda the Good'.



Susan Hilferty's sketch of Glinda's Bubble Dress


Solos (In A Duet)Edit

Solos (In A Group Number)Edit


  • 250px-Glinda cover
    Susan Hilferty, the designer of the costumes of Wicked, explained there are 25 different kinds of sequins used on The Bubble Dress.
  • The sequins are all hand-sewn.
  • The Bubble Dress was intended to appear like a wedding dress or every girl's fantasy of a princess outfit.
  • There are 9 different fabrics used in the construction of the Bubble Dress.
  • The Popular Dress has little rainbow stiches on the bodice.
  • All of the bags have a bit of glitter on them.
  • According to the family tree in A Lion Among Men, her mother is Larena Upland and her father is Highmuster Arduenna.
  • In L. Frank Baum's novel Glinda was the Good witch of the South, it wasn't untill the 1930's movie that Hollywood changed it to the North for some "unknown" reason.
  • In the Wizard Of Oz Glinda wears a pink puffy dress but in Wicked she wears a blue dress.
  • The role of Glinda/Galinda was originated by Kristin Chenoweth.


Broadway ProductionEdit

Megan Eden FG

Megan Hilty as Glinda with Eden Espinosa as Elphaba

Broadway StandbysEdit

Broadway UnderstudiesEdit

  • Melissa Bell Chait
  • Melissa Fahn
  • Stacie Morgain Lewis (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Sarah Jane Everman
  • Megan Sikora (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Libby Servais (Temporary 2011)
  • Heather Spore (Current)
  • Lindsay K. Northen (Current)
  • Emily Mechler

1st National TourEdit

1st National Tour Standby Edit

  • Natalie Daradich (February 2012-March 2012)

1st National Tour UnderstudiesEdit

  • Katie Adams
  • Emily Rozek
  • Annaleigh Ashford
  • Laura Woyasz
  • Christeena Michelle Riggs
  • Melissa Bohon
  • Meggie Cansler
  • Stefanie Brown (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Marissa Lupp
  • Lauren Ashley Zakrin
  • Emily Ferranti (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Alli McGinnis
  • Megan Campanile
  • Lesley McKinnell
  • Sarah Schenkkan
  • Cassie Okenka (March 2012-January 2014; August 2014-; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Shanon Mari Mills (Current)
  • Nikki Bohne (Current)

Chicago ProductionEdit

Chicago UnderstudiesEdit

  • Sarah Jane Everman
  • Sara Jean Ford (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Erin Mackey
    IMG 0904

    Lee Mead (Fiyero) and Louise Dearman (Glinda)

  • Kate Fahrner (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Megan Sikora (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Kate Loprest (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Cristin Boyle (Final)
  • Michelle London (Final)

West End (London) ProductionEdit

West End StandbysEdit

  • Annalene Beechey (2006-2007)
  • Dianne Pilkington (2007)
  • Sarah Earnshaw (2007-2011)
  • Chloe Taylor (2011-2012)
  • Lucy van Gasse (2012-2013)
  • Sophie Linder-Lee (2013-Present)

West End UnderstudiesEdit

  • Sarah Earnshaw (2006 - 2007; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Elinor Collett (2006 - 2007)
  • Caroline Keiff (2007 - 2008; also Nessarose u/s, Nessarose)
  • Pippa Lloyd (2008 - 2009)
  • Chloe Taylor (2009 - 2010)
  • Lucy Newton (2010 - 2011)
  • Zoe Rainey (2011; also Nessarose)
  • Sophie Linder-Lee (2011-2013)
  • Charlotte Scott (2011-2012; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Florence Andrews (2012-2013; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Michelle Francis (Current; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Lauren Stroud (Current)
  • Lauren James (Current; also Nessarose u/s)

Los Angeles ProductionEdit

Los Angeles StandbysEdit

Los Angeles UnderstudiesEdit

  • Melissa Fahn

    Valerie Link as Alternate Glinda in the German production

  • Amanda Flynn
  • Natalie Daradich (also Nessarose u/s)
  • Alexa Green (Final)

Stuttgart ProductionEdit

Stuttgart AlternatesEdit

  • Jana Stelley (2007-2009)
  • Valerie Link (2009-2010)

Stuttgart UnderstudiesEdit

  • Valerie Link
  • Katrin Taylor (Final)

Melbourne ProductionEdit

  • Lucy Durack (2008-2009)

Melbourne StandbysEdit

  • Erin Hasan (2008-2009)

Melbourne UnderstudiesEdit

  • Liz Stiles (Final)

San Francisco ProductionEdit

San Francisco StandbysEdit


Jeanna De Waal as Glinda


San Francisco UnderstudiesEdit

2nd National TourEdit

  • Helene Yorke (2009-2010)
  • Natalie Daradich (2010-2011)
  • Tiffany Haas (2011-June 2012)
  • Jeanna de Waal (June 2012-March 2013)
  • Hayley Podschun (2013-2014)
  • Kara Lindsay (Current)

2nd National Tour UnderstudiesEdit

  • Libby Servais (2009-2010)
  • Michelle London (2009-2010; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Lesley McKinnell (2010-2011; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Rachel Potter (2010-2011)
  • Tiffany Haas (2011; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Lisa Livesay (2011-2012; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Marissa Miller (2011-2013)
  • Jillian Kates (2012-2013; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Lindsey Brett Carothers (Current)
  • Kelly D. Felthous (2013-2014; also Nessarose u/s)
  • Beka Burnham (Current; also Nessarose u/s)

Tokyo Revival  Edit

  • Tomada Asako
  • Torihara Yukimi

UK/Ireland TourEdit

  • Emily Tierney

UK/Ireland Tour UnderstudiesEdit

  • Carina Gillespie (also Nessarose)
  • Helen Woolf

Mexico CityEdit

  • Cecilia de la Cueva

Mexico City StandbyEdit

  • Majo Pérez

Mexico City UnderstudyEdit

  • Liesl Lar

Seoul, South KoreaEdit

  • Jung Sun Ah
  • Kim Bo Kyung
  • Kim So Hyun

Seoul UnderstudyEdit

  • Lee Ji Eun

Sydney ProductionEdit

  • Lucy Durack (2009-2010)

Sydney StandbysEdit

  • Erin Hasan (2009-2010)

Sydney UnderstudiesEdit

  • Liz Stiles
  • Taneel van Zyl (final)

Australian Tour Edit

  • Lucy Durack (2011)

Australian Tour UnderstudiesEdit

  • Suzie Mathers (2011)
  • Allyce Martens (2011)

Oberhausen ProductionEdit

  • Joana Wee Würz (2010-2011)

Oberhausen AlternatesEdit

  • Valerie Link (2010-2011)

Oberhausen Understudies Edit


(L-R) Chantal Janzen, Celine Purcell and Yvonne Coldeweijer

  • Katrin Taylor (2010-2011)
  • Heather Carino (2011)

Scheveningen/Dutch ProductionEdit

  • Chantal Janzen (2011-2012)
  • Yvonne Coldeweijer aka Keet! (2012-2013)

Scheveningen/Dutch Alternate (Standby)Edit

  • Céline Purcell (2011-2013)

Scheveningen/Dutch UnderstudiesEdit

  • Manon Novak (2011-2013)
  • Ianthe Tavernier (2011-2013)

Manon Novak as Galinda

Asian Tour ProductionEdit

  • Suzie Mathers (2011-2012)

Asian Tour UnderstudiesEdit

  • Allyce Martins (1st cover)
  • Claire George (2nd cover)
  • Stephanie Morrison (3rd cover; also 2nd cover Nessarose)

Helsinki City Theatre Production (non-replicated version)Edit

  • Anna-Maija Tuokko (2010-2011)

Helsinki UnderstudyEdit

  • Emmi Kangas (2010-2011)

Copenhagen Production (non-replicated version)Edit

  • Annette Heick (2011)

Copenhagen AlternateEdit

  • Katrine Falkenberg (2011)

Copenhagen UnderstudyEdit

  • Camille-Cathrine Rommedahl (2011)

Australia Revival Edit

  • Lucy Durack (2014-Present) 

Australia Understudies Edit

  • Justine Puy (2014-Present) 
  • Monica Swayne (2014-Present) 


  • In the musical, Glinda's real name is Galinda, which she changed in honor of Doctor Dillamond, who always called her Glinda instead of Galinda.

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