Pfannee and Shenshen

Glinda's Friends

These are three girls who are part of Glinda's original circle of friends at Shiz. All are assumingly upper-class or aristocratic

In the novelEdit


Her origins are never mentioned, but it is presumed she is from Gillikin. She appears in a few scenes in the Gilliken section of the novel. She later marries Boq, though she is at first unhappy, because she was upper-class and now must live on a farm, and apparently often attempts suicide. By the last part of the book, she has apparently accepted her life and is seen when Elphaba visits the farm

Pfanee of Pfann HallEdit

She does not believe Elphaba is the Thropp 3rd Descending due to Elphaba's green skin. She wrote the letter to Elphaba asking her summer home, Caprice-in-the-Pines, to embarass Glinda for fun. She is never mentioned after the Gilliken section of the book. She is the only friend to be Munchkinlander.

She later owns or works at the private establishment where Dorothy is sent home at the end of Out of Oz.

Shenshen MinkosEdit

Said to be of the Minkos Clan, possibly a noble family like Glinda's. She was present throughout the Gilliken section, but appears nowhere else in the book.

She appears briefly in Out of Oz as a teacher at St. Prowd's.

In the musicalEdit

Glinda has several friends but none are ever named. Thus, the circle from the book makes no appearance, although two girls that appear during Dancing Through Life are commonly believed to be Pfannee and Shenshen. The most important of her friends have one line, replying to Glinda saying that she does not hate anyone enough to give them the hideous hat. They simply say "yes you do", of course, meaning Elphaba. Glinda goes on to say in For Good "I've had so many friends, but none of them really mattered"

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