Family Trees are an important feature in the novels in understanding a character's background. Lineage is discussed frequently throughout the novels because of the power and prestige associated with some of the families. Claims to titles in the various areas of Oz become the layout of much of the political intrigue that is explored. However, it should be noted that Gregory Maguire did leave many family connections ambiguous in the novels; such as, Liir's true heritage, even though the general understanding is that he is the son of Elphaba Thropp and Fiyero Tigelaar.

The Thropps of MunchkinlandEdit

Peerless Thropp
Unknown Wife
Romen Skarr
Lady Partra Thropp
Frexspar The Godly
Melena Thropp
Oscar Zoraster Diggs
Shell Thropp
Nessarose Thropp
Elphaba Thropp
Fiyero Tigelaar
Candle Osqa'ami
Trism bon Cavalish

The Uplands of GillikinEdit

Larena Upland
Highmunster Arduenna
Glinda Arduenna Upland
Sir Chuffrey of Mockbegger Hall

The Tigelaars of the VinkusEdit

Marillot Tigelaar
Baxiana of Upper Fanara
Sarima's Sisters
Fiyero Tigelaar
Elphaba Thropp
Irji Tigelaar
Manek Tigelaar
Nor Tigelaar
Candle Osqa'ami
Liir Thropp
Trism bon Cavalish

The House of OzmaEdit

  • Ozma Initiata
  • Ozma the Mendacius
  • Ozma the Warrior
  • Ozma the Librarian
  • Ozma the Sacredly Beloved
  • Ozma the Billous = Pastorius
  • Ozma Tipperatus