Dev Meena Edit

born on 20 August 1989 is singer-Songwriter, Entrepreneur and business man. This Rock-Pop Singer Songwriter has the ability to blow the audience's mind rapidly through his Music. His Music describe him better in anyway than anything. His complicated rhythm and beautiful melodies are not easy to digest though very catchy and well arranged. 


He is running DM Productions Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai where he looks most of the activities of the company. He believes in making the world a better place together and music is among the best way to do that.

His first Debut song was an audio alone got him worldwide position with some of the top brands Vevo, itunes, MTv Artist and so more in the industry. He is an Master in Western Classical Music from Open Yale University. He also has fond to teach people about Music to the people who want it most. 

The First Debut was released on 24 Mar 2015 as HeartBreaker.

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