Crope and Tibbett are two characters exclusive to the novel, Wicked: The Life and Times of The Wicked Witch of The West. Both are friends of Boq, who he meets while working a summer job in the Three Queens Library. It is implied that they are both gay and may be a couple. They are both from the Emerald City and are flamboyant and enjoy costumes.


The son of a tax collector. He and Tibbett help out Boq and Elphaba in their research over the summer, and later join the main group and attends Ama Clutch's funeral. After college, he and Glinda seem to become close, as he is seen shopping with her in the Emerald City section of the book. He is mentioned as being an actor and managing an arts auction house.


The son of a palace security adviser. Like Crope, he assists Elphaba in her research. Towards the end of the Gillikin section, he plays a major role in the Philosophy Club scene as he is chosen for the sex show. Though the act is left unfinished, it is implied a Tiger sodomized him. He is later mentioned in The Vinkus section as Elphaba says he was brought into the Cloister of St. Glinda with an incurable disease. He encourages her to choose her own path in life before dying, which is what makes Elphaba leave to seek out Fiyero's family.

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