Traper Cherrystone
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Commander Cherrystone
General Cherrystone




Emerald City


Sarima (suitor)


Commander (formerly)


General of the Loyal Oz Army


Royal Army of Oz

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995)

Last appearance

Out of Oz (2011)

Traper Cherrystone was an Emerald City Military Commander, and later General, who was featured in all four novels of the Wicked Years.


The Commander led an attack on Kiamo Ko in order to seize the Arjiki royal family, when Elphaba dwelt there. This was a plan by orchestrated by the Wizard to hold a hostage that could be used to subdue Elphaba and prevent her from striking out against him.

Son of a WitchEdit

Cherrystone lead the Home Guard forces in Quadling Country, including Liir, and utilized Dragons to fight the natives in order to search for the fabled ruby deposits that supposedly lay beneath the swamps. He is a part of the siege on the Mauntery of Saint Glinda. He also led attacks against the Free State of Munchkinland, and became a General.

A Lion Among MenEdit

Cherrystone is mentioned a few times. Yackle reveals that in the period of time which lines up with the end of Son of a Witch, he captured and tortured Trism before letting him go and following him to Apple Press Farm. He them stops Candle, but when she doesn't have anything of value he releases her. The he and his me return to the mauntery, where he questions the Superior Maunt (who dies shortly after), and blinds Yackle in an attempt to get information about Liir.

Out of OzEdit

General Cherrystone and his troops occupy the Lady Glinda's estate of Mockbeggar Hall because of it's tactical location on the borders of Gillikin and Munchkinland. While staying at the estate, he meets Rain, without knowing she is the daughter of Liir, and teaches her to read. During this time Rain is able to give information to Glinda on Cherrystone's plans.

After the civil war had ended, General Cherrystone, not wanting to accept the return of Princess Ozma, proposed to Jinjuria, the General of the Munchkinland army, that together they join forces and rule as a military tribunal over Restwater. However, after Jinjuria declined his offer, he shot her and killed himself.