This Charm Bracelet is a piece of merchandise one can buy based off the musical Wicked. The sterling silver charmed bracelet has three charms: Elphaba's hat, Glinda's bubble encasing two Swarovski crystals, and the Wicked logo, on a 8" adjustable chain with .925 Sterling Silver.

The average rating out of twenty reviews is five stars.

The price of the charm bracelet from The OzDust Boutique: North America is $55.00 and from The OzDust Boutique: London, £25.00.

IMPORTANT: Some customers have reported the rings catching and ripping fabric and falling off and breaking, losing the charm. Have the rings replaced before wearing to ensure charm protection.

Charm Bracelet - The OzDust Boutique: North America

Charm Bracelet - The OzDust Boutique: London

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