The Winkies of the Vinkus are made up of three major clans: The Arjiki, the Yunamata and the Scrow. The Arjiki reside in villages around the great fortress of Kiamo Ko. Some Arjiki villages listed in Son of a Witch are Fanarra, Upper Fanarra, Pumpernickel Rock, and Red Windmill. The Scrow and Yunamata migrate around the Thousand Year Grass Lands, residing in tents. The book suggests that Winkies speak a different language than the rest of Oz and that they learn Ozian to communicate with people outside of the Vinkus.


When Fiyero went to Shiz University he remained in loyal Oz for sometime before starting an affair with Elphaba. After his death she went to Kiamo Ko, his former home and lived with Fiyero's wife. There Elphaba raised her son, Liir with help from Nanny.

Soon after, the remaining Tigelaar family were all abducted by the Wizard's forces and left Elphaba to make Kiamo Ko her own castle and remained there until Dorothy came after her. When Dorothy 'killed' the Wicked Witch, Liir left, leaving the castle in the hands of the Winged Monkeys and Nanny.

Princess Nastoya, Princess of the Scrow (and an Elephant in disguise), asked Liir for help migrated the Scrow to the Quadling-Vinkus border.

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