Caroline Bowman is best known as Elphaba on Broadway, from December 2014 through September 2015, and formerly as the Elphaba understudy on Broadway in 2011.

Wicked Edit

Bowman replaced Stephanie Torns as the understudy for Elphaba in November 2011, covering for Jackie Burns. She played a total of three shows as understudy. Bowman was replaced by Vicki Noon in August 2012. Bowman returned as lead alongside Kara Lindsay as Glinda on December 16th, 2014, following Christine Dwyer's departure. However, due to injuries Bowman was absent from the show from February 2015. Initially Christine Dwyer and later, Jennifer DiNoia covered for her absence until she returned on April 7.

On 18th August 2015, it was announced that former West End Elphaba, Rachel Tucker will be replacing Caroline from Tuesday 15th September 2015. Caroline's final performance was on Sunday 13th September 2015.


Chandra Lee Schwartz - "Popular" - (Broadway 2012) Video HD-006:15

Chandra Lee Schwartz - "Popular" - (Broadway 2012) Video HD-0

Call me a hoarder of Popular videos. Found Understudy turned lead Carolina Bowman (Elphaba) with Chandra Lee Schwartz (Glinda) on Broadway of Wicked

Wicked – No Good Deed - Caroline Bowman03:28

Wicked – No Good Deed - Caroline Bowman

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