Avaric Tenmeadows is a friend of Boq and Glinda and a sort of frienemy of Elphaba featured in the novel.

In the NovelEdit

He is the son of The Margreave of Tenmeadows and apparently attends Briscoe Hall with Boq. He is described as handsome and intelligent with a superiority complex. His role is fairly limited, as in the 2nd section of the book, he is seen in only a few scenes. He accompanies Elphaba to Caprice-in-the-pines at Boq's request, but dislikes her from the beginning. In the last section, he has apparently become the Margreave and is married, though who he married is not revealed. Elphaba comes to him to tell him she killed Madame Morrible, though he doesn't remember Elphaba and seems unconcerned by it. He keeps Elphaba around for his dinner party for entertainment but reveals, before she leaves, that he doesn't believe she actually murdered Morrible.

The MargreavessEdit

She is Avaric's wife. Her true name is not revealed. Some fans believe she is either Pfannee or Shenshen and the name is not revealed on purpose so it is not revealed which one Avaric married. However, she doesn't seem to know Elphaba, so this is unlikely.

In the MusicalEdit

There is a character named Avaric, but he is not the same one as in the novel . This Avaric is Fiyero's driver and has no important role. Most of Avaric's character traits from the novel were given to Fiyero.

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